Zynga Sued Over Mafia Wars Name

Thu, Aug 26, 2010

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Zynga seemingly can’t catch a break lately, whether it’s over an ad campaign for Mafia Wars in San Francisco or over the name ‘Mafia Wars’ itself. Digital Chocolate, another Facebook and iPhone developer in competition with Zynga, is now suing Zynga claiming that they own the Mafia Wars trademark.

Yesterday, the news broke from the Courthouse News Service that Digital Chocolate owns the trademark for Mafia Wars and has informed Zynga of this at least once over a year ago. At this time apparently, Zynga’s lawyers promised to no longer use the name Mafia Wars. Almost immediately after this, Zynga began promoting Mafia Wars along with 7-11 and filed for two new trademarks under the Mafia Wars name.

Not much had happened on that front until now, which has Digital Chocolate suing Zynga to stop using the Mafia Wars name and to spend what is likely twice as much to rename the game and promote it under this new name.

While I would love to share my opinion on the matter, I think GameZebo said it best when they said that this is a legitimate lawsuit and that Digital Chocolate believes it will win simply because it would be foolish to attack Zynga and its crack team of lawyers without first having strong evidence against them.

However, Zynga is apparently shocked by this news and will “defend itself vigorously” which suggests that there may be more to the story we haven’t seen yet. Only time will tell what happens of the case, and we’ll be sure to keep you covered on this.

We have reached out to Digital Chocolate for an official comment but have not yet received a response.

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