Zynga Starts Round Two of Fan Input and Suggestion Polls

Tue, Mar 9, 2010

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After asking fans which theme they would like to see come to Cafe World, in addition to which “lost” recipe they would like to see developed within the game, Zynga is asking for users’ opinions yet again.

There are two polls open for users to vote in. The first asks “Which would you most like to improve?” It includes options like cooking time on stoves, the amount of clicks needed to start cooking a dish (the chopping, stuffing, slicing, etc. of individual ingredients before the cooking time proper), the slow walking speed of waiters and so on. As of this writing, “My stoves take too much clicking,” is leading by exactly 200 votes (out of a total 1548), and is followed by “My stoves don’t cook fast enough,” and “My waiters are too slow” in second and third place.

The second poll asks “Which of these items would you be most interested in?” and has options that pertain to the other poll: faster stoves, one click-cooking stoves, and roller skates to make your waiters move faster. The one-click stoves and the faster stoves options are currently in second and third place, respectively, where the current leader is something entirely different – a refrigerator that allows you to store your food to serve at a later time.

To vote in either poll, click on the links above, or head over to the game’s fan page and make your way to them from there.

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