Zynga Releases Two New Crops in FarmVille

Sat, May 22, 2010


Zynga has added two permanent crops to FarmVille. The Cucumber seeds can be planted for 290 coins and harvested for 450 coins after growing for 1 day, and the Basil seeds can be planted for 300 coins and harvested for 400 coins after growing for ten hours. You’ll earn 2 experience points for every square of Cucumber you plant, but you’ll only earn one experience point for planting Basil.
Since these are permanent crops, they can be mastered. The first level of Cucumber mastery is reached after harvesting it 820 times, and the first level of mastery for Basil is reached at 1,200.
You’ll need to be level 43 to unlock the Cucumber and level 48 to unlock the Basil.
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