Zynga Plays the Cross-Promotion Card With Mafia Wars Vehicles in FarmVille

Thu, Feb 25, 2010

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You might have noticed a few new FarmVille updates on your news feed when you logged on to Facebook this morning; notifications alerting you to your friends’ purchases of upgraded Seeders and Harvesters, capable of planting seeds or harvesting crops over nine squares at a time, rather than four squares, as is possible with the standard vehicles.

Aside from the previously released Hot Rod Tractor (which has once again been made available, this time to all users above level ten in Mafia Wars), the cross-promotion between Zynga’s FarmVille and Mafia Wars continues by completing the trio of farm vehicles.

The Hot Rod Harvester comes with two available purchase opportunities: you can either buy it outright for 55 Farm Cash, or you can fulfill the Mafia Wars requirement of reaching at least level 18 and traveling to Bangkok to unlock access to a coin purchase of 45,000 coins.

Likewise, the Hot Rod Seeder comes with two available options, one for 55 Farm Cash, and the other for the expected 45,000 coins. However, it also comes with a Mafia Wars related stipulation, in that users must gain five levels (must reach a minimum of level 15) in Mafia Wars before they can purchase the Seeder in FarmVille.

This doesn’t appear to simply be a case of “all users over level 15 get the Seeder,” as I am at level 507, and (unless I am simply glitched) am still being forced to gain five levels before I can unlock the Seeder for purchase. It’s not as if I wouldn’t gain the five levels on my own anyway, but the delay in unlocking the Seeder in FarmVille is a bit disappointing (albeit understandable, as Zynga looks to increase its Mafia Wars’ user base).

Let us know in the comments – if you are a level 15+ Mafia Wars user, have you been given access to the Seeder, or are you having to earn it as well?

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