Zynga Offers First-Hand Advice to Raising Your Buzz Rating in Cafe World

Thu, Feb 18, 2010

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Zynga has graciously provided users with a how-to guide to increasing one’s Buzz Rating in Café World via a letter to fans on the game’s Facebook page. As higher buzz ratings affect the number of patrons that come into your café, increasing it is obviously a great thing to do, and by following these simple steps, you too can have customers flocking to your restaurant in no time.

“Hiya Chefs,

Running a successful Café can be a tough business, and requires a delicate balance between cooking great food, and having great service. Part of the challenge in Café World is finding the right balance to turn your Café into a 5 star establishment. What worked in your Cozy Café may not always work as you expand your operation into a Bountiful Café, and you may need to change your recipe for success!

Some things to keep in mind as you expand your Café are:

    1. Make sure there is a full Pathway from door(s) to *each* chair, and from your Counters to *each* table. Try to leave plenty of space for both Customers and Waiters to move around without having to go around objects in their path.
    2. Nothing should be blocking or too close to the first step of the doorway.
    3. Tables must have an empty spot around one of the 8 sides (4 sides, 4 corners) to be served and a chair facing it.
    4. Serving counters should have an empty spot (facing it) from one of the 4 sides to allow your Waiters to pick up a dish. Avoid putting counters in corners where your Waiters will not be able to pick up a dish.
    5. Try to avoid creating small places between your counters where your waiters can be stuck.
    6. For larger Café’s try placing your Counters in a more central location of your Café so that Waiters will have to travel less distance to reach your Customers.
    7. Don’t expand too fast! If you do not have enough waiters to serve all your customers some may leave unhappy.
    8. If you are low on food, some people choose to drag their door into their inventory to “close” your Café until you have more food.
    9. Your Buzz Rating will not change while you are away from your Café. If your Buzz rating is starting to climb please leave your Café running so your Buzz Rating can reach its full potential. It may several [sic] hours for your Buzz to rise to its highest point.

                    If you find that your Buzz Rating is not as high as it used to be, or that your Customers are not being served fast enough you may want to take a look at some of your neighbors Café’s to see what works for them, and get some ideas for the perfect setup. Experiment with different layouts of your own to find that perfect balance that will have everyone in the neighborhood raving about your Cafe!

                    If you find that after trying these steps you are still having trouble with your Buzz Rating please send us a screenshot of your Café, and we will be happy to take a look at it and pass on a few suggestions for increasing your Buzz, or you can stop by our community forums and “ask your neighbor.”

                    Thank you for your patience during our Beta period!

                    Bon Apetite!

                    Chef Amelia”

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