Zynga Moves to Facebook Credit Exclusivity

Fri, Sep 10, 2010

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Earlier this year, Facebook and Zynga signed a five-year partnership that would see the developer’s games remaining on the social networking site throughout that period, and has now seen the developer transition to using Facebook Credits exclusively in the vast majority of their titles.

As reported by our friends at Gamezebo, both Facebook and Zynga released a statement earlier this week confirming the announcement that Zynga games would jump onto the Facebook Credit wagon.

While your first thought might be that these games have undergone some massive change, removing items like Farm Cash and Cafe Cash altogether from popular titles like FarmVille and Cafe World, respectively, this isn’t actually the case. As of right now, the system is more of one that causes Facebook Credits to be instantly transfered into the in-game cash of your choice.

That is, currently, heading over to the “Buy More” page on a Zynga game still shows that there are multiple ways to go about purchasing credits, either with a credit card or a straight transition of the Facebook Credits already on your account into the game’s premium currency. Any purchase you make can be thought of as a multi-step process that just happens to take place automatically – you tell Zynga that you want to purchase 25 Farm Cash, for instance, and you do so with your credit card. Now, instead of purchasing the credits outright, you’re actually purchasing Facebook Credits which are instantly and automatically transformed into Farm Cash in FarmVille.

So what does this all mean in the long run? For one, it means that now, each purchase of premium currency will see Facebook taking 30% of the profits before Zynga ever receives them. The question then is why is Zynga switching? The answer is probably more complicated than one could surmise, but the common sense answer is that they have to.

With Facebook being the end-all, be-all in the world of social networking, it’s clear that Zynga needs to do all they can to stay on the forefront of the minds of the millions of users that play their games. Forcing players to venture outside of Facebook for each and every game they play (say, by giving each game its own website, just like FarmVille.com) is a sure way to lose players, as it’s less convenient, and would definitely be a lot easier for players to forget to check their games in the first place.

With Zynga now officially adopting Facebook’s universal currency, it’s clear that this is just the beginning of the era of Facebook Credit dominance on the site.

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