Zynga Lets the Dogs Out in FarmVille

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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We’ve been waiting for the release of dogs in FarmVille for weeks now, and in a late update last night, Zynga finally unleashed the hounds, allowing users the chance to purchase one of four dog options: three for Farm Cash and one for coins.

As we already knew from the series of clues released in Zynga’s animal care-taking simulator PetVille, the dogs come in the following breeds: Golden Retriever, Sheep Dog and Border Collie. If you’re willing to accept the high price tag, you can purchase any of the three for 65 Farm Cash. Conversely, if you’d like to keep your Farm Cash and just spend coins, you can also buy a Border Collie for 300,000 coins.

When you look at the dogs in the shops, you’ll see “What is this?” links under all of the options. Clicking on them lets you know exactly what to expect should you purchase one. For each of the three Farm Cash varieties, you can choose between three different colors for your puppy. For the coin-only Border Collie, red is the only available option. Regardless of which pet you choose, you can decide whether you’d like it to be a boy or a girl, as well as give it a name.

Where things really become interesting is in the introduction of Kibble. As you’re technically buying a puppy, you’ll be able to feed your dog, allowing it to grow into an adult. While the Farm Cash animals come with two weeks’ worth of Kibble, the coin-only Border Collie comes with but a day’s worth of food. To make matters worse, if you fail to feed your coin-only pet every day for 14 days, it will run away, and you’ll have to pay 3 Farm Cash to get it back from the pound (the Farm Cash dogs won’t run away).

Before you think that you can simply allow your dog to be sent to the pound and adopt another one for coins to try the whole process again, the official FarmVille forums let us know that you can only have one coin-purchased puppy at a time. If your puppy goes to the pound, you have to either pay the fee to get them out, or buy a Farm Cash puppy instead, for the regular 65 Farm Cash price.

Kibble can either be purchased for 5 Farm Cash from the FarmVille marketplace, or you can give it as a free gift to friends via the FarmVille free gifts page. Additionally, if you happen to run out of Kibble, you’ll be able to post a call for help on your news feed that will allow up to three of your friends to click on the appropriate link and send you one free bag of Kibble (for a total of three free bags).

Once your puppy has turned into an adult dog, it is said that the Sheep Dog will be able to help you harvest sheep, the Border Collie will help you work with other animals, and the Golden Retriever will help you fetch things. You can interact with your dog, watch it run around your farm and follow your avatar around the farm as you do your daily chores.

Let us know what you think of the new dogs in the comments – Will you be purchasing one, or do you think they’re too expensive?

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  • http://www.friskymongoose.com/ Kate Hancock

    Finally! It's about time these dogs rolled out. And wow – 65 Farm Cash?? That's over $10 in real money. Hope no real life pups go hungry so their owners can afford virtual kibble ;) I'm getting a border collie and praying the pound stays away.

  • Debie

    how do you feed the dog? I clicked on the kibble in my gift box and then clicked on my dog and nothing happened.

  • http://www.facebook.com/blshaul Brandy Shaul

    If your dog is hungry, a picture of Kibble will pop up in a thought bubble above the dog's head. You should then be able to click on the dog or the Kibble in your gift box and feed it. If it doesn't work, or the Kibble is not in a thought bubble above its head, than your dog isn't hungry, and therefore you can't feed it.

  • durand303

    My wife and I want a pug. Haha That would be so cool if they had a pug. Otherwise, im really happy :). It is really expensive tho. They should lower the FV price

  • collie

    I fed my border collie for 14 days and now it says that I need to keep feeding….It's like it is making me start totally over again…. Do you receive an announcement that the dog is full grown?