Zynga Launches FrontierVille on Facebook

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

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Back in April, we told you that Zynga had been working on a wild west themed game called FrontierVille, but we hadn’t heard much about the game since. That’s all changed now, as Zynga has quietly launched the game on Facebook. As usual, we’ve jumped straight into this western themed game and are ready to let you know what to expect if you wish to jump into Zynga’s newest title yourself.

As we’ve come to expect, the first thing you’ll have to do here is create an avatar, with the hair, eyes, and other features being taken from other Zynga games, while the clothing options come in the form of items (for girls) like a Calamity Jane outfit, and various colors of prairie dresses.

After creating your avatar, you’ll be introduced to Frontier Jack, your guide, who will show you the ropes of the game. Basically, the game contains elements from other Zynga games like FarmVille and Treasure Isle, all mixed into a frontier, or western setting.

The game has a real story to tell, in addition to simply challenging you with clearing and expanding your land to grow more crops and the like. Early on in the game, the pony express will ride by a deliver a letter from your beloved, who you left back in civilization so that you could build a home for yourself and your spouse before calling for them to join you. And so you have your first major goal – progress to the point where your spouse can join you on your land.

Secondary goals must be met before this occurs however, and a goal system will appear in the top left corner of the screen, letting you know that some of the first tasks you need to complete will be harvesting the default crops and feeding the chickens you’ve been given when starting the game.

Harvesting crops, clearing land and taking part in other chores in the game rewards you with experience points, food items, and coins. You’ll use energy points in completing said actions, with food being used to replenish your energy (if you’ve played Treasure Isle, this is the reference to that game’s fruit system). These items won’t automatically be added to your totals; instead, they’ll appear as icons on the land, and you’ll have to click on each to collect it. The faster you click on these icons, the more bonus coins you’ll receive, and you can keep track of your progress towards bonus coins by looking at the bar that appears in the top right corner of the screen, as seen below.

And so the game goes, at least for the first few levels – you’ll clear your land, harvest crops, plant more crops, feed your animals (with animals being purchased as babies that will grow if properly cared for), and will be able to find lost animals like sheep on your land, build a cabin (as a cabin is made of wood, you’ll need to chop down trees to gather wood to build it), and so on and so forth.

But you won’t be going through the game alone, as Tech Crunch is reporting that you’ll not only be able to bring your spouse over to your new ranch, but you’ll also be able to have children (of your own design), who can help you with chores around the farm.

Furthermore, visiting neighbors is an entirely different process than from that found in FarmVille. Where in FarmVille, you are limited to fertilizing crops and feeding chickens, in FrontierVille you can actually help your neighbors harvest crops, feed their animals, water their trees and so on, receiving coin and experience point rewards for yourself, and giving your friends the same rewards as if they completed the task themselves. Your friends will have to approve these actions once they get back to the game (on the chance that they would rather have the experience of doing everything themselves), but either way, you’ll earn Reputation Points for being such a good friend.

Reputation points come into play when your friends “Hire” you to work on their ranch – the higher the reputation, the more rewards you’ll receive after being hired. To put this into perspective, when you’re hired by a friend, you don’t personally have to complete a task; rather, your avatar will simply work for them, completing tasks around their farm.

If you’re one who likes to get in on the ground floor of new games, head over to the FrontierVille game page on Facebook and start on your own wild west adventure. Have you already played the game for a few minutes? Let us know what you think of it so far in the comments.

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  • Chubgirl101

    I still dont know when my spouse comes I need help on the farm!

  • http://www.facebook.com/blshaul Brandy Shaul

    You'll need to go through a few of the story based missions before your Spouse will join you on the frontier. Do you have your General Store built yet? That's one of the bigger projects you'll need to tackle before continuing on.