Zynga Kicks Off a Cinco de Mayo Celebration in FarmVille

Fri, Apr 30, 2010

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It can’t be coincidence that Zynga decided to release a series of limited edition items paying tribute to the Southwestern United States around the same time of Cinco de Mayo, a traditional Mexican celebration. It’s fitting then, that the latter theme is now also available in the game’s store, as the two themes compliment each other perfectly.

To start your own Cinco de Mayo celebration in the game, head over to the Seeds tab of the marketplace to see a new, “masterable” crop in the form of Tomatillos. No information is listed under the crop proper, other than it’s price point of 20 coins. However, clicking on the “What is this?” button allows you to receive a bit more information about the crop.

The Tomatillos grow in 10 hours, provide a single experience points when planted for 20 cons per square, and can be harvested for 120 coins per square. However, what makes this crop special is that it can be mastered, but if you’d like a chance at doing so, you’d better be fast, as the crop will expire from the marketplace on Cinco de Mayo proper – May 5. Luckily, the first level of crop mastery is just 80 squares, so it doesn’t seem to be that demanding of a crop to master.

Meanwhile, two final items are now available via the store’s Decorations tab. They are a Pinata (hanging from an attached tree) and a Prickly Pear cactus. The Pinata goes for 6,000 coins while the Prickly Pear costs just 3,200 coins. You’ll gain a 60 experience reward for purchasing the Pinata, while the Prickly Pear nets you just 32 experience points.

With Cinco de Mayo rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see if Zynga adds more items to the theme, or lets users fill it out instead with the growing Southwestern item theme. If it’s the former, we’ll be sure to let you know the details surrounding any future item releases.

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