Zynga Gaming Updates: YoVille Moroccan Bedroom Items, Treasure Isle Boats, & FishVille Bayou Items

Thu, Jul 22, 2010

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Zynga has been hard at work updating a few of its game this week, including the release of new Moroccan themed bedroom items in YoVille, a Bayou themed item set in FishVille, and new boats in Treasure Isle. Let’s take a look at all three, shall we?

Bring A Taste of Morocco to Your YoVille Bedroom  With New Items

In keeping with the living room items that were released in the theme previously, Zynga has added bedroom furniture to the growing Moroccan items theme in YoVille.

As of this writing, there are only 55 items available in the Bedroom section. These items include a range of Moroccan themed plush animals, in addition to the traditional bedroom furniture like stools, curtains, tall dressers, low horizontal dressers, footlockers, doors, rugs, lamps, nightstands, and of course, beds, among other items.

The items come in four basic color options: white, blue, red, and brown. You can feel free to mix and match these colors, if you so choose, or you can purchase all items in a particular color for a very striking visual effect. Be forewarned however that to truly make the room a bedroom, you’ll need to spend 7 YoCash on a Moroccan bed. In addition, items like the curtains and armoires also cost YoCash, so unless you feel like being creative with filling in these gaps in your design, you’ll be left with a few holes in the theme, or an empty wallet from spending all of that YoCash.

More Moroccan items will be coming to the game in the near future, including items for the bathroom. We’ll be sure to bring you coverage of these items once they become available, but for now, head over to the game’s page to browse the available items.

Create Your Own Fleet With New Treasure Isle Boats

Zynga has released a series of new boats in the game, and they are available to purchase via the Boats section, found under the Decorations tab of the marketplace. There are eight boats to choose from; seven of which cost 35 Island Cash each, while the final boat costs 50 Island Cash.

The boats available are the Dreamboat, Chinese Punt, Doggie Boat, Dragon Boat, Haunted Boat, Hotrod Boat, Landing Craft, and Pirate Rowboat. Keep in mind that for purchasing any of them, not only will you receive an experience point bonus (210 points for the 35 Island Cash boats; 300 for the Dreamboat), but you’ll also receive a boost to your maximum energy level. Again, all of the 35 Island Cash boats receive a single energy point boost, while the Dreamboat purchasers receive 2 energy point boosts.

Head over to the game’s page if you’d like to add any of these boats to the water off of your Home Island.

Head to the Bayou With New FishVille Items

The Deep Sea Abyss theme in FishVille has been allowed to run its course, and replacing it is the Bayou theme. As of this writing, the theme is limited to just three items in the store, and two on the game’s free gifts page.

The three items in the store are the Bullfrog, Voodoo Doll and the Swamp Shack. The Bullfrog is a “decorative” animal, available to purchase for 18 Sand Dollars, while the Voodoo Doll (complete with flashing animated heart) costs 12 Sand Dollars. The Swamp Shack is the interesting item here, in that it’s a new “Buildable” item.  You can purchase the start for the item for 2 Sand Dollars, while your friends can send you eight piece groupings of the parts as a free gift from the game’s free gifts page.

Another free gift comes in the form of a mystery egg, that is clearly labeled as being “Bayou” themed.

We’re sure that more items will be added to the Bayou theme in the near future, but until then, head over to the game’s page to start building your own Swamp Shack or to purchase the decorations that are now available.

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