Zynga Gaming Updates: Spin the Lucky Stash Wheel in Mafia Wars, Collect Fairies in PetVille, Build A Cafe World Lightning Stove With Fewer Parts

Mon, Jul 26, 2010

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Here we are again, offering you a quick look at the updates Zynga has launched in its Facebook game this weekend. In this update, we take a look at a new Las Vegas-themed feature in Mafia Wars, the addition of new Fairy items in PetVille, and

Try Your Luck at Mafia Wars’ Lucky Stash Slot Machine

In celebration of the Mafia Wars Las Vegas event, Zynga has launched a new Lucky Stash progressive slot machine in the game. Unlike the Daily Chance lottery tickets, the more people that spin the wheel, the bigger the prizes become.

Everyone will be given one free spin per day, and you can purchase more spins after that for 3 Reward Points per spin. Like a real-world slot machine, the Lucky Stash machine has a lengthy pay table, detailing which combinations of three symbols will offer rewards.

You can also bet up to three “credits” at a time, in order to increase the payout, should you hit it big.

As you play, you’ll likely unlock your own mini-Slot Machine, which can be posted to your wall as a news item. In this way, your friends can click on a link to play on your slot machine, thus increasing the chances for both of you to earn free spins on the Lucky Stash machine proper.

You can access the new slot machine at any time by clicking on its icon at the very top of the gameplay area. Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to give it a spin – good luck!

Collect All of the Fairies in PetVille Before They’re Gone

Zynga has released a series of new Fairies in PetVille, in celebration of the launch of the Fairy Meadows Magic Door in the game. The fairies are figurines of sorts, that happen to float and be animated. They aren’t alive, however, so they do function as decorations, rather than something that needs to be watched or maintained.

It should be noted that you won’t be able to purchase these Fairies from the game’s store until you finish building your tree house, but once you do, you can expect to pay either 8 or 9 Pet Cash for each currently available fairy, with both girl and boy fairy options being available.

Should these items be too expensive for you (or if you’ve simply yet to finish building your tree house), you can always decorate your Fairy Meadows outdoor space with the fairies that we all received via mystery boxes a few weeks ago. Head over to the game’s page to see how close you are to completing your tree house, so that you too can buy some of these new figures.

Part Requirement for Cafe World Lightning Stoves Has Dropped (Again)

When Cafe World Lightning Stoves first launched in mid-June, they required 40 ingredients in total to build – ten each of four different items. About two weeks after launch, the requirement was dropped to 35 items. Today though, it seems like even that drop hasn’t been enough to satisfy the Cafe World fan base, as Zynga has dropped the total ingredient requirement yet again.

For a limited time, Lightning Stoves can now be built with just 30 parts – a full ten parts less than at launch, for those who are keeping track. You’ll now need 8 Science Books, 6 Tesla Coils, 7 Flux Switches and 9 Vacuum Tubes.

None of the other stats have changed, meaning that you’ll still be able to purchase a single ingredient for one Cafe Cash, and you can still ask your friends for help in sending you any ingredient that you still need. Has this change allowed you to finish your Lightning Stove? Let us know in the comments if you thought it was worth the wait, or head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see how close you are to finishing your own stove.

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