Zynga Gaming Updates: FrontierVille Adds Summer Flowers, YoVille Partners With Audubon

Thu, Jul 15, 2010

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As the title suggests, we’re here with another installment of Zynga Gaming Updates, which takes a look at some new items and features in some of Zynga’s most popular Facebook games. In this case, the updates come to us from FrontierVille and YoVille, and coincidentally, both have to do with nature.

Summer Flowers Have Bloomed in FrontierVille

Zynga has added a slew of garden and “summer flower” themed items to the game this week. There are flowers available in both free-standing and potted versions, with the free-standing flowers coming in white, blue, and yellow varieties, along with a small pink, blue, and white trio. Meanwhile, the potted flowers are entirely multi-color – in their case, it’s the pot itself that sets the items apart, as one is a square planter, one is round, and the other two are long and rectangular, with one looking to be a red color, while the final is brown.

For the potted flowers, the larger planters cost 500 and 2000 coins each, while every other option, including the four free-standing flower options cost 200 coins each.

In addition to these items, you can add other garden-centric items to your homestead. A Stone Border or Thin Cobblestone item will make a perfect, natural looking divider for your garden space, while a new limited edition item, the Spiral Flower topiary, will add a nice finishing touch to the entire setup, but only if you purchase it before it leaves the game’s store in a week’s time.

Head over to the game’s page to see the full lineup of items.

Zynga Partners With Audubon in New “Protect the Gulf” YoVille Twitter Contest

You read that right – not only is Zynga partnering with Audubon on a campaign to help raise awareness for the “Protect the Gulf” cause, but in the process, they are giving players a chance to win either 100 or 500 YoCash via a new Twitter contest.

The contest launched yesterday, but fear not, as there are still plenty of chances to win! Today and tomorrow, you’ll be able to post a specific tweet on Twitter that will enter you into a contest to be one of 10 daily winners of 100 YoCash. At the end of the contest, one grand prize winner will walk away with 500 YoCash.

Here are the tweets you’ll need to post, and you can post up to five times a day:

Day 2:
“Day 2: I want to help Protect the Gulf and win 500 YoCash from @yoville#YoVille!”
Day 3:
“Day 3: I want to help Protect the Gulf and win 500 YoCash from @yoville#YoVille!”

Remember, you’ll also need to be following the official YoVille Twitter account (found by clicking on this link) in order to be eligible to win, in addition to posting the appropriate messages on Twitter each day.

Good luck to all those who enter!

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