Zynga Gaming Updates: Free FarmVille Fuel Via Mafia Wars, FishVille Bayou Items

Thu, Jul 29, 2010

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A couple of updates have hit the world of Zynga’s Facebook games this week, with a new addition to FarmVille allowing users to receive free fuel thanks to a cross-promotion with Mafia Wars, and the addition of new Cajun Bayou items in FishVille.

Level Up in Mafia Wars – Receive Free Fuel in FarmVille

After the release of Crafting Buildings in FarmVille, you may think that a players’ need for fuel will have been resolved, but that’s apparently not the case, as Zynga is now offering yet another way for users to receive free fuel, this time in the form of a cross-promotion with Mafia Wars.

The promotion is an incredibly simple one. Login to FarmVille and look for the set of red dice on the left side of the screen (as seen above). Clicking on this will let you know that in celebration of Mafia Wars: Vegas, Zynga will be offering users free fuel for leveling up in Mafia Wars.

Click on “Accept” in the window above, and Mafia Wars will load in a new window. Simply level up once and the free fuel is yours, with Zynga saying that the chances of winning five free cans of fuel being “better than ever.”

Head over to the FarmVille game page on Facebook to start earning your free fuel.

New Cajun Bayou Items Available in FishVille

As we’ve told you previously, the newest item theme in FishVille celebrates the Cajun Bayou, and new items are available in the game’s store that will help you continue to add that theme to your tanks.

The new items are the Baby Caiman, available for 18 Sand Dollars, a Jar of Crystals, a Mambos’ Talisman, a Tenor Banjo, Sunken River Raft, Shrunkenhead Man, Mimosa Tree, Spanish Moss, Old Tree Stump, Spanish Moss Bunch, Cattails, and Petrified Stump.

These decorative items (the lizard notwithstanding) items range in price from 31,250 coins for the Petrified Stump or Spanish Moss to 156,250 coins for the Sunken River Raft, and from 7 Sand Dollars for the Mambos’ Talisman to 14 Sand Dollars for the Mimosa Tree.

In the case of the Baby Caiman, you’ll need to purchase him within the next 5 days, or else miss your chance at it entirely.

Head over to the game’s page to browse through the newly available items.

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