Zynga Gaming Updates: FrontierVille Water Items, Treasure Isle Collection Update, PetVille Daily Cleaning Bonus

A lot has happened in the world of Zynga games since we last spoke, with three of the largest updates coming from FrontierVille, Treasure Isle, and PetVille. In FrontierVille, we see the addition of the water-centric items, Treasure Isle players can once again vault their collections multiple times, and PetVille players can now earn daily bonuses for cleaning their pets.

Cool Off With New FrontierVille Water Items

Feeling the heat this summer? Want to cool off, even if it’s only virtually? FrontierVille has items that will help you do just that.

Head to the Special tab of the game’s store and pick up a Geyser, a Frog Pond, a White Frog Pond or a Waterfall.

The Geyser and both Frog Ponds are limited edition items, available for 15 and 25 Horseshoes each, respectively. Meanwhile, the Waterfall is also a premium item, costing 55 Horseshoes, but it isn’t a limited edition offering, meaning that there’s no need to rush to purchase it.

In addition, new items like bird baths, a fountain, and even a Swimmin’ Hole are available via the general Decorations section of the marketplace. They are fairly reasonably priced, so be sure to have a look.

The three limited items will be in the game for around the next five days, so head over to the game’s page to purchase any of them before they are gone for good.

Treasure Isle Collections Can Be Revaulted

It’s not a big update, in terms of details, but it’s a big update in the world of Treasure Isle fans, who can now once again vault collections more than once. For some time now, that ability had been turned off, allowing players to simply accumulate mass amounts of the same treasure pieces without really being able to do anything with it, save for sending those items to friends who had yet to find one themselves.

Now, though, you can once again re-vault collections in an effort to gain more experience points, coins, and more. This is great news for those looking for a boost to the next level (or two!), so be sure to head over to the game’s page to see just how many collections you can re-vault.

Earn A Daily Clean Pet Bonus in PetVille

If you’re one of the many PetVille players that diligently logs in everyday to clean your pet, then you’ll be happy to learn that you’ll now be rewarded even more for doing so, on top of the standard coin and Love bonus you already receive.

These bonuses come by way of the new Daily Clean Pet Bonus system. For everyday that you clean your pet, you’ll receive a prize, with the more days you clean your pet translating to bigger rewards. As we can see below, there are prizes set up for the first five consecutive days of cleaning, and these days see you earning anywhere from 100 coins on the first day to 3 Pet Cash on the fifth day.

To be clear, you’ll need to login and clean your pet everyday without fail in order to move up the ladder – miss a day, and it resets. It should also be noted that after you claim your prize, you can post news of your diligence to your wall to share some coins with a lucky friend.

Head over to the game’s page to start yourself on the path to free Pet Cash in the game.

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