Zynga Game Updates: New Maps in Treasure Isle, New Fairy Meadows Items in PetVille, & A Discovery Log in FishVille

Mon, Jul 12, 2010

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Zynga was incredibly busy this weekend, updating Treasure Isle, PetVille, and FishVille with new content. In Treasure Isle, we see the launch of new maps, while new Fairy Meadows items are now available for your home in PetVille. Finally, FishVille players can now compete against friends to finish their new Discovery Logs.

Mysterious Seas Available in Treasure Isle

A week ago, Zynga launched Pirate Isles in Treasure Isle, the first series of islands in the new Pirate Cove area of the World Map. Now, just a week later, Pirate Cove has doubled in size with the release of “Mysterious Seas,” a new set of seven islands that’s just begging to be explored.

The seven islands are:

  • Day of the Dolphin – Unlocks for 12 Island Cash
  • Monkey Jail – Unlocks for 17 Island Cash
  • Rock After Rock – Unlocks for 25,000 coins
  • Pirate Fight!
  • Dead Man’s Reef
  • Stranded Sailor – Unlocks at level 100
  • The Old Keep – Unlocks for 8 Island Cash

Make sure to head over to the Treasure Isle game page on Facebook to see what new treasures await you on these equally new islands.

New Fairy Meadows Decorations Available in PetVille

If you’ve already unlocked the Magic Door to Fairy Meadows in PetVille, you’ll be happy to know that there are more fun and whimsical decorations awaiting your arrival in the game’s outdoor furniture and decorations store, under the “Fairyland” heading.

The new items are mostly those that see normally small, real world items, like a makeup brush, coins or pencils, among others, blown up to a large scale, to account for the small size of everything else, including the fairies, in the magical world.

You can pick up a compact-turned-vanity for 9 Pet Cash, for instance, or a set of pencils turned into a clothes drying rack for 4,700 coins, as another example. Other items include the adorable Purple Ploomba, which comes with two purchase options – one for 18 Pet Cash, and one for 4,800 coins, that is, if you have 15 neighbors on your account.

To see the rest of the items in the growing Fairy Meadows theme, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

Fill Out Your Discovery Log in FishVille

The next time you log into FishVille, you’ll be greeted by a message in a bottle. The message also gives you access to your new Discovery Log.

Accept the gift, and you’ll see that the Discovery Log allows you to keep track of the fish and items that you own in the game.  It also serves as the home of your awards, allowing you to keep and eye on how close you are to finishing any of the “quests” or “achievements” in the game, like those for spending a certain amount of coins, or owning a specific number of decorations.

As for the Fish and Treasures portion of the log, it contains four different fish sets – Classic Fish, Anthias, Shrimp Gobies and Mastery Fish. As you add these fish to your tanks, you’ll complete their spot in the Discovery Log. Likewise, as you add certain decorative items, like shells, mermaid statues, or plants to your underwater worlds, those spots will be filled as well.

In this way, the Discovery Log is a sort of “collect-them-all” feature, that will give you a score based on how many items you’ve found. Coming soon is a new “Resources” section, that will allow you to find new items to help you on your quest for riches and Sand Dollars, which are apparently earned not only by collecting fish and items, but also by finishing those achievements we spoke of earlier.

Want to see how many points you have in your Discovery Log? Head over to the FishVille game page to do so.

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