Zynga Asks for User Opinions Regarding Cafe World Emails

Thu, May 13, 2010

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On Tuesday, Zynga asked Cafe World players to answer a simple survey question concerning potential new item themes in the game. Now, we’re being called upon for our opinions yet again, but this time, the topic is the Cafe World email club.

The survey, which can be taken by clicking on this link, doesn’t mess around with details concerning how long you’ve been playing the game, or what level you are. No, it jumps straight into the heart of the matter, with two questions containing multiple scenarios – that is, possible emails that you might receive from the game, and then asks you to rate them depending on whether you think that specific kind of email would be spam, would be useful enough to click on, or would be absolutely necessary for you to continue enjoying the game.

The two questions are split depending on if the email would be sent with information from a friend, or from Zynga proper, but all of the email scenarios can be judged in the same way. Some examples of potential emails actually contain hints at possible new features, including recipe ingredients – “John needs to borrow basil to finish his Vegetable Lasagna. Lend Basil” – and food storage in items like freezers – “Jane’s freezer broke will you take some steaks? Get Steaks.”

Of course, all of these situations are hypothetical at this point, but it’s presumable that with enough positive feedback, Zynga may include them in the game. After all, why ask about something if you never had any intention of doing it at all, eh?

Let us know what you think of some of these options in the comments – would you like to see new items like freezers or lost wallets implemented in the game? Or do you like it the way it is?

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