Zynga Adjusts FishVille Life Cycles (Again)

Thu, Mar 18, 2010

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When the concept of medicine and sick fish first popped up in Zynga’s FishVille at the beginning of the month, it was met with a tepid response. As we reported at launch, any fish that was not fed could go “hungry” for 24 hours before getting sick. Then, depending on the fish (older fish could survive the sickness longer), you would have up to three days to give your fish medicine in order to cure it, or else accept the sickness and let it die.

While some users appreciated the extra few days to save their fish, many didn’t appreciate the set 24 hour time limit, and as such, Zynga has done something about it. Over on the game’s fan page, they acknowledged the issue by stating that:

“We’ve made some changes to the growth cycle of your fish. Your fish will now have more time before they get sick. This change is sure to help keep you and your fish happier!”

Unfortunately, we have yet to learn whether this “more time” translates to the same amount of time per fish, regardless of species, or whether this is another situation where older fish can survive without food for a longer period of time.

Let us know your thoughts on this growth cycle change in the comments below – do you like the medicine system at all?

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