Zynga Acquires Conduit Labs; Music Pets Closing

Wed, Aug 18, 2010

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Zynga has snapped up yet another company this week, as they have announced their acquisition of Conduit Labs, the music-based developer that launched in 2007, and is best known for their Facebook game Music Pets, which we here at Frisky Mongoose fell in love with earlier this spring.

Conduit Labs will become Zynga Boston, according to Social Times, and the studio will focus on product development. Conduit’s CEO will become the head of Zynga Boston, and the rest of the team will apparently stay on as a part of Zynga.

What’s especially noteworthy about this acquisition is the fact that Conduit Labs has had an agreement with Universal Music to provide real tracks in their games, including LoudCrowd, and through this purchase, Zynga will now have a working relationship with Universal as well.

That being said, current players of Conduit’s games should take note of the changes taking place in the near future, as both Music Pets and Super Dance will be coming to a close in the near future.

For both games, the current setup sees the games open to current players but blocked from being added by new players. Existing players will be able to play the games in full until September 17, when they will be shut down for good. If you have purchased items in the game with Facebook Credits within the last 90 days, and you have shared your email within the games, you’ll be emailed by a Zynga Customer Support representative, who will be able to offer you a credit of equivalent value in a choice of other Zynga titles.

As for LoudCrowd, the game has already been shut down, closing its doors at the end of July. As for the reasoning behind the closings, a letter to users has been posted on Facebook, saying that, at least in the case of Super Dance, Conduit has come to the decision that “despite [their] best efforts, [they've] been unable to make Super Dance commercially viable.”

The official Conduit Labs blog continues the explanation, saying that “despite the countless hours we’ve spent working on them [Music Pets and Super Dance], and last month being our best revenue yet, we failed to make these products commercially successful enough. We had to make the decision to focus on what was working, and we think once you see what we’ve got next, you’ll agree it was the right choice.”

It was a good run for Conduit, and we can only hope to see the team produce even bigger and better games in the future, now with the giant support of Zynga powering them.

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