Zsa Zsa Garoar! 50 New Levels in PetVille: What’s in a Name?

Fri, Feb 12, 2010

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50 new levels have just been added to PetVille – players can now level up to 100! Will you be the first of your friends to reach level 100?

In the PetVille forums, Zynga said that players who have been level 50 for awhile will just need to earn 1 love when they play Petville today and they may level up automatically. If you had lots of extra love saved up, you might find out that you are already level 53!

As previously reported, Zynga hosted a community contest to poll PetVille players for ideas on what the 50 new levels should be named. The developer’s favorite 50 entries were chosen and are officially the new names of levels 51-100.

You’ll have to play PetVille and earn Love Points to level up and find out what the winning names are. Meanwhile, some speedy PetVille pros have posted a few level names in the forums to give us all a taste of what’s to come: level 55 is named “Dooney and Bark”, level 56 is named “Paw Abiding Citizen” and  level 94 is named “Zsa Zsa Garoar”. Have you discovered any other new level names yet?

Congratulations to all of the winners of the level name contest, who should have received a private message from Zynga about their super special reward. According to the PetVille forums, the winners are:

kim1976; heatherld324; Little Fellow; biggtwizz; eastman520; romantica; jn1975; roxiedawg67854; yulu; thompssn; mrsmona253; destaroni; mickey22mw2; duckncover; mouse216; doll100106; abbie flaherty; jm43031; susankohl; redrosesny; scareika; sabbath96; nathaliealbert; phanie; socalsandy; deest; W D; AKA KISS; fluffikins; kim1976; bears1girl; nikkibilon; kem11311; Sequin; kelldoll; Deer PetDeVille; illusion925; orma; ltoland29; angleys101; kalfa; crazy296; lindsay0515; lreilly; jewelzlady; max99999999999; mecrosby; and pookie48.

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