Zoo World Players Guide: Tips & Tricks to Earn More Zoo Dollars, Wildlife Points & Bonuses

Tue, Apr 6, 2010

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! We’ve got a hot batch of tips and tricks for all you Zoo World fans, courtesy of Gamezebo.

They have a full walkthrough of RockYou’s wild and furry Facebook game, and we’ve picked out the most important info for leveling up, earning Zoo Dollars and Wildlife points, and most importantly, beating all your friends. Here goes!

Game Strategies/Tips and Considerations

  • It is best to start out your ticket price very low at $1.00 and change it from time to time to see at which price you have the highest profit. You can change the price at any time. The best time for a price increase is after you add a few animals and the size of your Zoo increases along with your number of visitors.
  • Some of the level requirements are very difficult and expensive. Be sure to do daily visits and click on the trees of your Neighbors for the most profit.
  • When visiting your Neighbors you will want to click on each one of their animals as you try to find the hidden secret bonus. It is best to start with your Neighbors at the very end of your friend list with the smallest Zoos at it will take very little time to search for the bonus money. Once you reach your top level friends they may have up to 10 plots of land and it will take quite a while to search for the hidden bonus but you will have a lot more trees, topiaries and statues you can also click on for coins.
  • The Zoo lottery is available to play as many times as you wish but it will cost you 2 Wildlife dollars to play and you have very low odds of winning a match as you have to choose from over 100 animals. Play this only if you have the money to spare.
  • Trees are a great investment as you will be able to click on them daily to earn extra income. There are several trees that upgrade over time and give even more money.
  • Anytime you see a free topiary on the live feeds be sure to click on it as these will earn you coins if you click on them each day and it really adds up.
  • Saving lost animals, and feeding newly bred animals on the live feed will earn you big bucks. Be sure to click on these links any time you see them.
  • Try to gift your friends a free item each day. People tend to gift you the item you send to them in this game so keep this in mind when sending gifts.
  • Keep an eye on your Zoo Report Card. If you earn all A’s in the categories you can be certain you are obtaining the maximum profit for your Zoo size.
  • Sometimes the level instructions can be confusing. If you are told to buy a certain amount of an item it means you need to buy exactly what it says right at this time. If you needed to purchase 10 Eagles but you already have 8 you still need to purchase 10, not 2 more.
  • Keep the game open at least an hour a day. While the game is open you are earning money every 5 minutes which is a Zoo day. There is a timer at the top of the screen that counts down every 5 minutes and when the time is up you earn the amount listed next to
    “Profit” at the top of the screen.
  • When you have enough Wildlife points purchase a tree that will give you wildlife points each day when you click on it. This way when you have finished all the levels (which award you wildlife points when completed) you will have another way to keep earning them.
  • When you are playing the game be sure to post anything that will give your neighbors a potential profit but keep any post that just announces achievements to a minimum as people will sometimes delete players that clog the feeds with these messages.
  • As soon as you have the money start training your Bald Eagle as this takes a lot of time and you will need it to level up. Make a habit of going to the animal and hitting the “Train” button as soon as you log in to the game.
  • TIP – It is entirely possible that you could complete a level requirement for a future level. For example while collecting 2 of every animal for level 22 you may have collected the required items for another level. It is a really great idea to read over the level requirements listed below and read ahead of where you are to see if you can knock out later objectives.
  • TIP – Changing your ticket price to $1.00 will show you the maximum number of customers you can have in a day. You can use this information when trying to fulfill level requirements.
  • TIP – As you advance test ticket prices with different amounts and note your profit and number of visitors for the day. If you add a large number of animals or attractions be sure to check this number as it changes frequently and once you hit $16.00 per ticket you can just leave it there as it does not fluctuate once you reach that point of the game.
  • NOTE – When your Zoo reaches a value of over 10 Million the value will be truncated and you will not be able to see the last 3 digits so it will seem as if you are not earning additional income. Place your mouse over this area and you will be able to see the total amount you have coming in.
  • TIP – Spiders are not insects. When you need to unlock the insects purchase Butterflies.

Game Currencies

Zoo World

  • There are two types of currency in Zoo World: Zoo Dollars and Wildlife Points
  • Zoo Dollars - This is the game’s basic currency and is what you earn during a typical Zoo Day. You begin with $50,000 Zoo Dollars and earn additional Zoo Dollars from your visiting guests, daily bonuses, Tree, Topiary, or Statue clicking, and visiting Neighbors.
  • Wildlife Points - This is a virtual currency for buying virtual items for the game that are animated and ultra rare. There are always special sales and promotions.
  • 1 Wildlife Points is equivalent to $70,500 Zoo Dollars.
  • To purchase additional currency click on the green bar at the top left of the screen or on Wildlife Fund at the top of the Main Screen.
  • You will be taken to another screen and can purchase Wildlife Points using a Major Credit card, Paypal Account or Mobile Phone services from Paymo and SMS Pay.
  • In the screenshot above you can see the current cost of additional currency and the breakdown of quantities.

Earning Zoo Dollars and Wildlife Points

Zoo Dollars

  • Zoo Day - Every 5 minutes you earn whatever amount is listed under “Profit” at the top of the screen. This is determined by the number of animals you have at your Zoo and the ticket price you have set for the day. Once you have the correct ticket price you will be earning the most amount of money available at that time. After you purchase more animals and attractions recheck your ticket price to see if you can raise it.
  • Harvest Updates - These are currently found at the beginning of each Zoo Visit. You will see a money bag on the front gate which you should click on and each day you visit your Zoo you earn a portion of the Harvest which is either a new gate or an upgraded attraction such as the bird show. (see Harvest Updates for more information)
  • Shaking Items/Clickable Bonus items - There are several items in yours and your Neighbor’s Zoos that can be clicked on for cash. (See Tree, Sculptures and Topiary Bonuses. Click on these items once per day to earn a large profit.
  • Locate the hidden Bonuses on Neighbor’s Zoo - Each one of your Neighbors have one animal at their Zoo that is hiding a secret bonus. The amount varies based on how much your Zoo is worth. Click on each animal until you find it. TIP – Start with the neighbors at the very end that are not very far along in the game as you will be able to find their bonuses fast since they have less animals and land at this point. When you get the the advanced players note that the bonus could be on any of up to 10 pieces of land and you may not want to waste your time looking over so much land but note that the bonuses go up in value if you find them on a farm that is worth a large amount of money.
  • Visit your neighbors Bonus - You earn a visiting bonus once per day for each Neighbor. This amount varies based on the value of your Zoo.
  • Change Ticket Prices - Changing Ticket Prices can increase your daily profit considerably. Be sure to check it often and especially after you place a large number of animals or attractions.
  • Optional Bonuses
  • Zoo Lottery - Can be played as many times as you wish. Costs 2 Wildlife points. You win 2 wildlife points for each correct match you make. (See Zoo Lottery below for more details)
  • Zoo Quiz - Once per day you can answer a random question about a zoo animal and win either Wildlife points or Zoo Dollars.
  • NOTE – Each time you click on an animal you will be given an interesting fact about that animal. While you are looking for the hidden bonus on your Neighbor’s Zoo you can use this time to study up for potential Zoo Quizzes.

Wildlife Points

  • These are earned at a rate of 1 coin per level beginning at level 3.
  • You can also win them by playing the Zoo Lottery but you must spend them in order to play.
  • You can purchase Wildlife Points with a major credit card, Paypal account or Cell Phone services such as Paymo and SMS Pay.
  • You can earn free Wildlife Points by participating in the surveys listed on the purchase page but be careful as these are sometimes not worth your time. You can find the surveys and special offers at the bottom of the “Wildlife Points” page.
  • Wildlife Points can also be earned by reaching certain levels of mastery in breeding. (See Breeding Zoo World Animals below)

Shaking Items, Zoo Lottery and Zoo Quiz

Shaking Items – Click on Trees, Topiary and Sculptures for Cash

Zoo World

  • Now you can click on Topiaries, Trees or Sculptures for Cash once every 24 hours.
  • You can click on your own and all of your Neighbors.
  • This is a great way to increase your profits.
  • Note that all of these items can be upgraded to items that yield more money when you click on them. (See Collectibles.)

Zoo Lottery

Zoo World

  • The Zoo Lottery can be found by clicking on “Home” at the top of your Game’s main menu.
  • Click on the red button that says “Zoo Lottery”
  • Note it will cost you 2 Wildlife points to play.
  • You will be asked to choose one animal from 5 different pull down menus where all of the animals are listed.
  • The goal is for you to match as many animals as possible.
  • You will win 2 Wildlife Points for each match you make.
  • As long as you have Wildlife Points you can continue to play.

Daily Zoo Quiz

Zoo World

  • Click on the “Home” page in the Main menu and you will see a link to the Zoo Quiz which is a red button that says, “Take Daily Quiz”
  • You will be asked a question with only 15 seconds to answer it.
  • If you are correct you will win a large sum of cash which is based upon your level and Zoo’s value.

Game Bonuses/Daily Money

Zoo WorldZoo World

Harvest Updates

  • Harvest Updates are bonuses that award you money daily until they are mastered and once mastered you will obtain an advanced item for your Zoo. There are 2 current Harvest Items and more will likely be introduced in the future. These items are seen when you visit your Zoo for the first time in a 24 hour period and you will see a gold money bag at the front gate.
  • Harvest item 1 – Gate Upgrade, Harvest
  • NOTE – You will have one bag of money at each gate you own. For each piece of land you own you will need to visit and click on the gate to collect the bonus money.
  • Gate - You will receive money for bronze, silver and gold mastery and your gate will update at each of these levels as well. When you achieve the gold mastery you will have completed this gift.
  • Bird Show – This attraction also updates daily with money rewarded for the different levels of mastery beginning with bronze and ending with Gold. When you reach the gold level you will have an updated attraction for your Zoo.
  • It appears that you work on one harvest update at a time but this could not be confirmed for certain.

Visiting Neighbor Bonus

Zoo World

  • Each time a Neighbor visits your Zoo you are rewarded with a bonus. You will see this amount when you visit your Zoo along with the names of the Neighbors who gave you the bonus so you can reciprocate.
  • You will also receive a bonus once every 24 hours when you visit a Neighbor.
  • The amount you receive varies based on the value of your Zoo.

Hidden Bonus on Neighbor’s Zoo

Zoo World

  • Each Neighbor has one animal hiding a hidden bonus and by clicking on your Neighbor’s animals when you visit you can find this.
  • You can also at times find hidden mystery gifts with the hidden bonuses. These are gifts you can send out to the live feeds for your friends to claim and they will win a great item to place on their Zoo.
  • TIP – When searching for the hidden bonuses begin with the Neighbors with the lowest scoring Zoos as they have less animals and items to look through.

Live Feed Bonuses

Zoo World

  • There are many ways to earn money using the live feeds:
  • Rescue lost Animals - When you see links for lost animals be sure to rescue them for a big bonus.
  • Feed Newborn Animals - Click on posts to feed newborn baby animals to earn money.
  • Fan Bonuses - If you are a fan of Zoo World you will occasionally be given special bonuses and gifts for your Zoo.
  • Mystery Gifts – These are found along with Hidden Bonuses and are posted on the Feeds by those that have found them. Clicking on these links in the live feeds will give you a free gift to place on your Zoo.
This information was originally published on Gamezebo. Do you have any good tips for Zoo World that aren’t listed above? Let us know in the comments!
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