Zombie Farm: Carrots and Corpses

Wed, Jun 9, 2010

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Farmville’s unexpected popularity in 2009 spawned a slew of other farm-based games on Facebook. Since you can’t take Farmville on the go, a variety of farm-themed apps were developed to satisfy your green thumb: Tap Farm, Farm Frenzy, Pocket Farm, and the list goes on and on. It’s undeniable that farming is all the rage right now, but how long can you tinker with the farming formula without copying the last farm app? The Playforge has developed an app that puts a refreshing twist on the barnyard scene: Zombie Farm.

Think of Zombie Farm as Farmville… with the exception that you can use your crops to invade and pillage. You can grow several different kinds of zombies, each with their own set of special stats; some have more endurance, some are more nimble, some are just well-balanced. Believe me. You’ll need variety in your army of undead to defeat certain bosses.

You’ll need more than just zombies to succeed, however. You’ll need money to upgrade mutations (little bonuses in speed, defense, etc.), and that’s where actual crops come in. Players initially have a choice between carrots, onions, and tomatoes, but more are unlocked as levels are completed. And what are zombies without brains? Brains can be found once in a while to help you unlock different zombies. If you’re a little impatient for new goods, you can purchase brains (much like FarmCash in Farmville).

It doesn’t hurt the wallet much to try Zombie Farm out; it’s free. The mutant zombie apple doesn’t fall from the tree, either. It can get just as addicting as Farmville. Though it’s not as developed as Farmville is, it will certainly satiate the urge to farm on the go.

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