zLotto – Win Prizes in FarmVille, FrontierVille, PetVille, YoVille and Mafia Wars

Zynga has launched an entirely new website and giveaway system outside of Facebook proper, that uses a Zynga-based account, along with your Facebook account, to offer you free prizes in five of their games: FarmVille, YoVille, PetVille and Mafia Wars – FrontierVille prizes are coming soon.

The website and promotion are called zLotto, and they function as a scratch-off lottery game, allowing you to win a whole slew of prizes in each of these five games.

First things first, if you want to participate, you’ll need to head over to the zLotto webpage and create an account, as seen below (or sign in, if you already have a Zynga account). Next, you’ll need to check your email for a confirmation email from Zynga, allowing you to verify your email address, proving you are a real person.

After that, you can get down to the business of winning prizes. Each day you login, Zynga will give you one free scratch-off ticket. Simply hit the Play button, as seen below, to be taken to your scratch-off ticket.

As you might expect, the game is played fairly simply – each card contains nine squares, and you’re allowed to scratch three of them to find the star, allowing you to win a prize, with four different rankings of prizes being available, from Set 1 all the way to Set 4.

If you find a star, you’re shown all of the prizes at that Star level and can make your choice as to which one you’d like to receive. Simply hit the claim button below that item and you’re shown a Claim Code, along with the ability to launch that game back on Facebook in a new window (make sure you’re logged in), where the zLotto claim field will appear, ready to let you accept your prize. Login to that game, and you’ll find your item either in your inventory, or gift box, where applicable.

While one free ticket is good, why not scratch off even more? Zynga agrees, as they let you give and receive 20 tickets per day (for a total of 40 tickets), all by clicking on the “Ask for Tickets” button on the zLotto webpage, the page that appears when you first login.

This is done in a variety of ways. You can either share your Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live, Gmail or AOL login info with Zynga, allowing them to login, just once, and retrieve your info so that you can select friends to email requests to from your address book, or you can receive a link to post to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and share it with your friends. Please note that your friends will also have to have a registered Zynga account before they can send you a ticket.

Here are the prizes you can win for each game. We’ve confirmed that this isn’t a situation where you have to win all Set 1 prizes before you can move on, as Set 2, as an example, can appear in your very first ticket!

Be sure to check back with us in the future as FrontierVille items are added to the mix, or as this feature updates with new items (as we assume it will). In the meantime, head over to the zLotto webpage to play for your chance to win!

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    Actually, it isn’t. I won the second level FrontierVille item just yesterday, actually. It’s all a matter of luck!

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    it is rigged if you read the script when you click on a ticket it is either a winner or a loser doesnt matter where you click but you can win i have all on farmville