Zelda + Avril Lavigne = Lady Game Lyric

Fri, Apr 13, 2012

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Some classics will never go out of style. Are we referring to the seminal entry in the Zelda series, Ocarina of Time, or to Avril Lavigne’s debut album hit, Sk8er Boi? Why can’t we be referring to both? Our good friend Lady Game Lyric is back, and she brings us an upbeat retelling of the Ocarina tale. Watch, enjoy, and have an epic weekend!

Full Lyrics:

He was a boi, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?
He had the guts, she had a plan to protect the land.
She gave him the key to open the door, he’d never seen such a sword before.
It unlocked the Realm, where for years he would hide,
Not knowing they both let evil inside.

He was a Sk8er Boi, she said see you later, boi.
She fled on horseback from her home.
The Kingdom was cloaked in fear
Awaiting a hero’s cheer
For years the people felt alone.

Seven years from now she’s in disguise. Hyrule’s in ruins but she is Wise
She falls to her knees. Guess who she sees? Sk8er Boi coming down from the trees.
She pulls out her harp, plays him a song. She knew he’ll save them it won’t be long.
But Ganon is strong, might conquer the land.
Triforce of Power in his hand

He was a Sk8er Boi, she said see you later, boi.
They both returned to save the earth.
Now he’s the chosen one,
Left evil nowhere to run
And show them what his strength is worth.

Don’t you cry my pretty girl
I am here to save the world
Can we be more than good friends?
Cuz this ain’t how the story ends
Too bad Ganon could not see
See the man that boi could be
Now his quest is going to start
With Force of Courage in his heart.

He’s just a boi and she’s just a girl, can I make it anymore obvious?
They stand on a cloud, her lullaby plays…and she says he cannot stay.

She’s with the Sk8er Boi, she said see you later, boi.
She revealed that she’s a sage.
The evil had gone away. The Sk8er Boi saved the day.
But now he must go back to his age.

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