YoVille’s Whimsical Theme of Items Makes Its Way Into the Bedroom

Sat, Mar 6, 2010

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It appears that Zynga will be handling the release of the Whimsical (Alice in Wonderland) set of items in the same way as it did its Lovers and Heartbreakers collection, by releasing items dedicated to each room of the house, one room at a time.

We’ve already seen what the living room set had to offer, and now we’ve been given bedroom furniture and accessories to browse through.

Of course there are the essential items like a bed, a nightstand and a footlocker (a chest commonly placed at the foot of the bed, hence the name), which are available for 7 YoCash, 885 coins, and 4 YoCash (in that order), but there’s also a wide variety of accessories here to give your bedroom the same feeling as your living room, but without containing the same items.

Mushroom lamps, chess pieces and pillows representing the four suits in a deck of cards can be purchased to add the final touches to your bedroom, and new swirly wallpaper patterns will really complete the look.

There’s a wide range of items available, with a fairly even split between those available for coins, and those for YoCash. With new items in the Whimsical theme being released (what looks to be) every few days, be sure to head over to the game’s page and catch up on what has already been released, so as to not become swamped when the theme moves on to a new room.

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