YoVille’s Transforming Tiger Plush Raises Eyebrows

Fri, Feb 19, 2010

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Yesterday, we made mention of the new and improved YoVille Tiger Plush that was released alongside animal plush toys representing the rest of the zodiac calendar. Apparently, however, the release was a bit more complicated than anyone knew, as the new plush also replaced all previously purchased copies of the original stuffed animal, much to the surprise of those who owned one.

As some people were disappointed by the switch, Zynga has addressed the issue, allowing those who previously purchased an original copy of the stuffed animal to receive a replacement copy. However, those who received the plush as a gift will have to fill out a special ticket on Zynga’s support page.

It’s a confusing circumstance to be sure, but the company has done their best to address all concerns via a public statement on the matter. Here’s the complete statement:

“Year of the Tiger Plush

First and most importantly, I want to apologize to those of you who purchased a tiger plush toy and ended up having it switched to the new version.
Many of you have asked why we did this and why we didn’t ask you guys first. The most simple answer I can give you is that it was a mistake, and we are sorry.

We realized that the old Tiger didn’t quite match the style of the rest of the line of Plush animals. Our plan was to change the one in the store to the new version. We never intended to switch out the old one that had already been purchased. This was due to a miscommunication here on our team behind the scene

So our current plan is to:

A) Gift all of you who purchased the old version of the Tiger back your original Tiger. When this is done it will just be in your account again. This also applies if you had purchased multiples of the item. (You’ll also still have the new version to keep)

B) Put the old version of the Tiger back in the store for purchase so anyone who wants it still has a chance to buy it.

The new Tiger will also remain in the store.

We are trying to have this done by tomorrow. If for any reason this is not possible, we will update you guys.

Again, we understand that many of you were upset and we apologize for the frustration we caused. It was never our intent to do this and we have taken steps to prevent it from happening in the future.
We do realize that this solution does not help those of you who traded or gifted to get the old version of the Tiger.

We do not have a way to mass credit those of you who obtained your tiger this way.
We have made our Support Department aware of this situation and they will be able to assist those of you who want the old Tiger version back.

We know its not fun to have to submit a ticket for this, but it’s the best resolution that we can offer at this time.”

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