YoVille’s Luxury Yacht is the Ultimate in Glamorous Living

Mon, May 3, 2010

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For the last few days, we’ve been bringing you news concerning YoVille’s newest item theme, entitled “Tycoon.” The theme contains a slew of luxurious items, perfect for decorating any yacht before setting sail to any glamorous and tropical destination that your heart desires. But while going on a shopping spree for furniture is one thing, where are you supposed to store all of these new items? On your Luxury Yacht of course.

Head over to the YoVille Realtor’s Office and you’ll find that the Luxury Yacht costs 35 YoCash. As far as premium housing options go, that’s much cheaper than some. The yacht’s floor plan is an interesting one, containing both an “Above Deck” and “Below Deck” section. Above deck, you’ll find three rooms: the Bridge, Upper Deck and Lower Deck, while below deck you’ll find a Living Room, Kitchen, Hallway, Bedroom, Bathroom, and even a Mooring Island!

Step aboard the yacht for a tour, and you’ll be greeted with the lovely outdoor decks.

You’ll have to enter the bridge to head below deck, where you’ll find that rooms are decorated in neutral wood grains and paneling – the perfect backdrop for your yacht-themed furniture and decorations.

You’ll have to go through the bedroom to reach access to your Private Island, which is a small backyard space of sorts, obviously surrounded by water, but which can be decorated as any other area can.

If you’d like to truly live in the lap of luxury, the aptly name Luxury Yacht is the perfect way to do so. To take your own tour of the home, or to purchase one for yourself, head over to the game’s page on Facebook.

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