YoVille Takes a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole With New Wonderland Items

Wed, Mar 3, 2010

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Yet another Facebook game has decided to get in on the act of celebrating Tim Burton’s upcoming remake of Alice in Wonderland by creating in-game items in the iconic film’s theme.

This time around, we see YoVille adding new items in the furniture store, specifically useful for those who wish to give their living rooms a more whimsical touch.

There are 39 new items available in this “Whimsical” set, ranging from curvy windows and misshapen furniture to checkered rugs and harlequin wall patterns. Accessorize your room with wall sconces and bookshelves in fantastical designs, or cover the walls in one of many colorful, outlandish paintings.

The items here come in a wide variety of prices, with both YoCash and regular coins being required for a fair share of the items (meaning that coin only shoppers definitely haven’t been left out of the fun).

None of the YoCash only items cost more than 7 YoCash each, and the coin items range in price from 560 (for a Jar of Fireflies) to 1450 for the Whimsical TV.

The game’s new item alert has let on that this update will be the first of many, as we are set to be able to “create [our] own Wonderlands all month long.” Does this mean we’ll see another room by room item release like the one for Valentine’s Day? Considering that these newest items were specifically made for a living room setting, that’s looking pretty likely.

What do you think of the new Alice in Wonderland themed items?

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