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Wed, Sep 1, 2010

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Zynga has been hard at work updating two of their games, YoVille and FrontierVille. In YoVille, we see the addition of the (previously hinted-at) Daily Bonus Spin Wheel, while in FrontierVille we see a new item theme hitting the store’s proverbial shelves.

FrontierVille Items Celebrate the Last Days of Summer

Amidst the rush to complete your Varmint Cannons, be sure to take a few minutes to check out the new decorative items available in the game’s marketplace.

The new items are in an “end of summer” theme, with items that your virtual characters can use to celebrate the last warm days of the season. The items come in the form of picnic tables (both empty and topped with food), lawn chairs, a drinks cooler, dutch ovens (both full of food or closed), and multiple kinds of grills, either empty or cooking various kinds of meat.

The items, as you’d expect, come in both the Horseshoe and coin varieties, with the Horseshoe items ranging in price from 4 to 45 Horsehoes, while the coin items cost anywhere from 3500 coins (and 20 wood) to 40,000 coins.

Interestingly, some of these items are limited edition, while the others are not. Items like the Burger Grill and Messy (picnic) Table, for instance, are limited edition items that will disappear (along with the rest of the LE items) in five days time, while the lawn chairs, or even the empty grill have no expiration date as of this writing.

That being the case, make sure to head over to the game’s page sooner, rather than later, to pick up any items that interest you.

Spin the YoVille Daily Bonus Wheel for Free Coins

As we told you last week, Zynga has tweaked the system of login bonuses yet again to add a new spin wheel to the game’s Casino.

Upon logging in (that is, if you haven’t already received your free spin that day), you’ll be met with the standard daily login bonus window, that keeps track of how many consecutive days you’ve logged in, and you’ll be given the corresponding amount of free coins to use as spins in the new spin wheel.

You can use this window as a quick-link to the casino, where you can use your login coins (the red ones) to spin for YoCoins, the game’s general currency. You can spin either 1, 2, or 3 coins at a time, with the pay table increasing the amount of each price accordingly.

Regardless of whether any of your symbols match, you’re guaranteed a prize of 10 coins, for a single red coin entered in the spin. 20 coins is the default price for 2 coins entered, while 30 coins is the default price if you max out your bet. Cherries are the wildcard, if you will, with you earning more coins based on the number of cherries you receive.

The payouts continue to increase as the symbols change, as seen in the chart above, all the way up to 100,000 coins or even 1 million coins depending on how many coins you’ve bet.

Head over to the game’s page to try your luck at the wheel – how many coins did you win?

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