Your Daily AppGratis: Secret Photos

Wed, Apr 17, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis hand-picks an app that they think you ought to have. They feel strongly enough about the app to make it free for a day. We download and check out what’s on offer — because it’s free.

Need to hide your photos and documents? Not good at remembering piano music? Don’t worry — today’s free app, Secret Photos, has you covered. Literally; it covers your hidden data beneath an innocuous calculator app. On the front: perfectly functional and attractive calculator. On the back, hidden behind your personalized 4-digit PIN: easily sorted and browsed repository of photos, movies, and notes.

Combining its clever secrecy with a few other handy features, Secret Photos allows Wi-Fi transfers, quick and easy downloading and saving from Facebook and web browsing, and even a “panic gesture” in case someone starts to peek at your secrets. Just cover the screen with your hand and the program logs back out to the “calculator” mode.

We are all super-spies today thanks to AppGratis. Go get it!

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