Your Daily AppGratis: Mega Dragon Run

Thu, Feb 28, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis locates an app that they think ought to be free for a day. We download and take a look for ourselves to let you know what awaits you – why not? It’s free.

You’d think, as a mobile gamer, I’d enjoy running more — getting out there in the real world and making use of location-based games while improving my health. Unfortunately, my legs are feeble and the accursed sun makes it hard to see my phone. So, I don’t know how all these endless runners manage to keep it up for so long, when I can’t go more than a quarter mile without needing a heart transplant. I guess it helps if you are an almighty dragon, as with today’s free endless runner/flyer/scorcher, Mega Dragon Run.

As with most endless runners, Mega Dragon Run is primarily about advancing through a landscape that grows steadily worse, loaded up with baddies, obstacles, and pits. The two major wrinkles in this particular title are the ability to fly — but not forever, requiring you to periodically run on the ground or bounce off an enemy’s head — and the ability to spew flame to kill the nasty folks.

You can run out and get Mega Dragon Run for free today by checking AppGratis.

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