Your Daily AppGratis: iMajiCam Pro

Tue, Feb 26, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis locates an app that they think ought to be free for a day. We download and take a look for ourselves to let you know what awaits you – why not? It’s free.

Mobile photography is a game-changer when it comes to social media. How did we live before we could immediately share an image of what we were about to eat? With cameras in phones becoming better with each generation of devices, there are naturally a broad variety of apps to let us capture, alter, and share photos. Today’s free download, iMajiCam Prois one such app that does a lot of different things, and not just with its own capitalization.

Hearing that iMajiCam Pro comes with a handful of Photoshop-esque image filters and alterations may not immediately differentiate it, but one of the first differences is the ability to apply those filters to your live camera view, allowing you to immediately see what your photo or video will look like (rather than altering the image afterwards, though you can do that too). The filters work fairly well in a live setting, too — for example, I grabbed a quick “sketch” shot of my local burger utopia:

Plus, a “cartoon” rendering of the nearby Shaolin martial arts school:

Wound up looking creepy, but that’s not iMajiCam’s fault. From there, you’ve got access to a “Darkroom” where you can retroactively apply filters or tweaks, and access to instant sharing via email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Pretty handy for a (temporarily) free app.

Check your AppGratis today and steal iMajiCam Pro’s  soul by taking its picture, for free.

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