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Thu, Apr 25, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis hand-picks an app that they think you ought to have. They feel strongly enough about the app to make it free for a day. We download and check out what’s on offer — because it’s free.

iPhones: great for communication, productivity, and distracting children on long car rides. What happens, though, if you have two kids? Do you buy a second phone? Do you try and manage whose turn it is? Nah; you just get Game For Two, a lovely collection of two-player games that can be played on a single device. Simple, elegant presentation and a meditative soundtrack keeps Game For Two a nice, calm experience, and the games themselves are tricky, contemplative, strategic board games, including OthelloCo Ganh Vietnamese chess, and others.

The games each work by holding the device between two players, with pertinent turn information — including a 90-second timer, the current score, and available pieces — facing each direction. Tap to move, and play switches to the other player. Game For Two comes with five games in all, along with a few achievements to mutually attain.

You could normally get Game For Two for two bucks, but thanks to AppGratis you can get Game For Two for free. It’s Time for Game For Two for you.

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  • Guava7

    Thank you a lot for the nice review!

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  • Guava7

    Game For Two (v1.6.0) now has a total of 8 games: Caro (Co Ganh), Othello (Reversi), Co Ganh (a Vietnamese traditional chess), Checkers, Tiling, Coloring, Conquer (Dots & Boxes), and Chess (yes the world’s popular chess game)