Your Daily AppGratis: DragonVale

Mon, Mar 25, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis locates an app that they think ought to be free for a day. We download and take a look for ourselves to let you know what awaits you – why not? It’s free.

It’s tough to tell dragons where they should live. If they’re not lording over a nearby city, they’re occupying an entire valley, as is the case in today’s free game, DragonVale. This very pretty build-em-up allows you to exercise some degree of control over your dragons’ habitats and habits — after they’ve established they’ll be taking residence in DragonVale, you do get to place their nests, assign hatchlings to different roosts, direct their feeding and breeding habits, and so on.

There’s a definite magic to DragonVale by way of its soothing music and colorful, fluid animation. The dragons romp and frolic in many different breed designs, and the effects really pop when you complete quests and hatch new critters. You’ll get a chance to explore plenty of the game if you check it out today, too, since AppGratis is giving folks a giant pile of in-game gems, suitable for any hoard.

Check AppGratis today for the full details!

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