Your Daily AppGratis: DayDream

Tue, Apr 23, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis hand-picks an app that they think you ought to have. They feel strongly enough about the app to make it free for a day. We download and check out what’s on offer — because it’s free.

Nobody likes waking up in the morning. Well, let me qualify that: nobody sane likes waking up in the morning. Regardless of whether your personal sleep-ruiner is a hungry child, a cat that wants to go outside, your neighbor warming up his motorcycle, or just an old-fashioned alarm clock, it’s still someone or something making you stop recharging your batteries, and get out from under those warm covers. Well, cheer up, Sleepy Jean: today’s free app, DayDream, may still represent your least-favorite activity of the day, but at least it comes with some nice features to soften the blow.

Just about any mobile device comes with an alarm clock app of some kind, but DayDream starts out strong by giving you a choice of several pleasant new melodies to wake you up — along with any selection from your iTunes library. Want to wake up to Chopin or start the day with Bieber fever? Now you can. Once you stop the alarm itself, you’re treated to the local, GPS-enabled weather forecast, and an inspirational quote about why life outside your bed is worth living.

DayDream is free today, so don’t sleep through your chance to snatch it from AppGratis.

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