Your Daily AppGratis: Bread Kittens

Fri, Feb 22, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis locates an app that they think ought to be free for a day. We download and take a look for ourselves to let you know what awaits you – why not? It’s free.

Okay. So, two things right up front about Bread Kittens, the battle RPG that’s free today via AppGratis. One, in order to “get” the game, you need to understand that this is a thing:

This is the art of catbreading, and it involves exactly what you think it does. And, yes, it is the premise of the entire game for Bread Kittens. Stick with me, though, there’s gameplay involved. The other thing to know is that Bread Kittens has a pretty clear inspiration, design-wise, and it never pretends otherwise. You play the game by pitting a team of adorable kitties against aggressive feral cats, executing attacks with simple timing challenges. Defeating the wild cats gives your team experience, or — if the enemy cat is very low on hit points — you can catch it by placing bread on its head, and add the new breed to your collection. Ultimately, if you happen to catch them all (cough, cough, ahem), you’ll have a good variety of feline fighters to let you save the world.

So, yes — it’s a tried-and-true formula with a memetic aesthetic. That said, the art is actually very cute, the gameplay is simple enough to pick up and understand immediately, and the sheer variety of cat breeds and bread flavors is actually pretty fun to explore. But take a tip from Frisky Mongoose – turn off the notifications in the options menu. Otherwise your phone will loudly meow at you every so often, which is less endearing than it sounds like.

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