Your Daily AppGratis: Battle Monkeys

Wed, Mar 6, 2013

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Every day, TriplePoint client AppGratis locates an app that they think ought to be free for a day. We download and take a look for ourselves to let you know what awaits you – why not? It’s free.

There are promotions that can help generate buzz and users for an app, and then there are promotions like today’s Battle Monkeys bonuses that turn out to be something special. Yes, today’s AppGratis deal makes the game temporarily free, plus it hands you a bundle of in-game currency, and that’s great, but that’s not what we need to talk about.

See, in Battle Monkeys, four players go online at once, and each pit a violent simian against one another in an arena of death, loaded with lightning rods, shotguns, maces, poison darts, and more. It’s kind of a strange mix of turn-based strategy and real-time, random-item chaos. Sort of like Reset Generation meets Super Smash Bros. Certain items nullify certain others, some items are only helpful if your opponents have chosen particular positions, and so on; luck accounts for a lot in Battle Monkeys — but on the other hand, I did win every game I played this morning, so, I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a meaner monkey.

But the most important factor of today’s deal has to do with the fact that you can distinguish your monkey in the death pits by dressing them in lovely hats and costumes. So, today, there is a special AppGratis costume:

Bright red money leotard. Insane download incentive, genius download incentive, or both? Check AppGratis today and decide for yourself.

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