Young: iPad “Radically Changes” Nature of Players Interaction With Games

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

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In an interview with IndustryGamers, ngmoco CEO Neil Young expressed some strong views on how he believes the iPad will change how players will interact with games.

” Everything from a gaming standpoint that you’d imagine people can do in the home, suddenly becomes viable on this platform, but viable in a different way. Humans react to what they see, what they hear, and what they touch. This radically changes the nature of the relationship with a game, because you’re literally interacting with it very directly versus indirectly, which is how you might interact with a game on a laptop or through a console,” Young said.

When pressed on specific examples on where he’s seeing this radical change, Young said that the iPad takes everything that was interesting about the Nintendo Wii and kicks it up a notch.

“The success of Nintendo’s Wii was largely driven by the Wii-mote. Nintendo basically said we can’t compete from a graphic software standpoint or a sound standpoint, but we can compete from a gameplay and a user interface standpoint. iPad takes that concept to the next level. Instead of actually manipulating things on a screen through the abstraction layer of a controller, you’re manipulating things directly with your hands,” Young said. “For us, what that means is taking the games that we have both in the market today, and in our portfolio going forward, and figuring out, what can we add to these games that really takes advantage of those two big differences.”

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