You’ll Be Saying Viva Las Vegas After Seeing Cafe World’s New Theme

Thu, Apr 8, 2010

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Zynga is taking us on a trip to Las Vegas in Cafe World this week, with the release of a slew of new decorations representing Sin City. The items are split fairly evenly in terms of those available for coins and those available for Cafe Cash, giving everyone, regardless of level or choice or currency, a chance to add a bit of casino flair to their cafes.

You can buy dining tables based on classic casino games like roulette and craps, four different types of stools based on the four suits in a deck of cards, a giant slot machine and large expanse of wall-mounted TV screens, a bottle rack made out of a deck of cards, two kinds of vibrant carpeting and wallpapers, and a load of decorations that pay homage to some of Las Vegas’ most widely known hotels, like a Gondolier representing the Venetian, and a Sphinx representing Luxor, as examples.

Two items not pictured above include a Slot Stove for for 6 Cafe Cash, and a transparent, red Dice Counter for 3 Cafe Cash.

There is a Mystery Crate in the shape of a slot machine, available for 10 Cafe Cash, or, you can skip paying cash and coins altogether by heading over to the game’s free gifts page and sending one of three new cocktails to your friends (note that the Tahitian Punch doesn’t unlock to send until level 44).

Head over to the game’s page to pick up any of these items for use in your cafe.

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