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Fri, Feb 22, 2013

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Okay. I consider myself a longtime connoisseur of mobile games, and given the amount of titles I go through, it takes a lot for me to think I’ve started playing something really unique. That being said, I haven’t been able to put down Big Fish’s Fairway Solitaire in weeks. It’s a solitaire game. Okay? Thousands upon thousands of exciting new experimental mobile titles out there, and I’m playing a game whose core gameplay was included with the first version of Windows. It’s also 240 megabytes, making it one of the largest downloads on my phone right now. Yet I cannot put it down, because it is a perfect little game.

At its core, yes, it’s still solitaire — “golf” solitaire, to be specific. You play a card that is either one rank higher or lower than the current card, and that’s it. But Big Fish has taken the idea of “golf” solitaire and run with it as far as is humanly possible. The game takes place on a variety of picturesque golf courses. Each card you play produces a satisfying ‘whack’ of the club. There are special cards like sand traps and water hazards that need to be played slightly differently than usual.

Then, the presentation reaches absurd levels of polish. Your games are narrated by a trio of sportscasters and color commentary providers (who actually have amusing things to say). There is a persistent gopher who, in classic Caddyshack style, attempts to harass your game in random events and cutscenes. Solitaire with cutscenes, you guys. I can’t make this up.

As insane as this sounds, I think Fairway Solitaire is the mobile game I’ve played the most so far this year. There’s a free “lite” version, and the full game is only a buck — or maybe I could just point you to this hidden page right here where you can snatch up the full game for free. I’m just saying.

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