You May Go to Hell

Tue, May 1, 2012

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It’s May! The weather has turned especially lovely and spring is in full swing. What better time to go directly to hell? TriplePoint client Redbana certainly agrees, and would like you to know that Spring Break in Hellgate Global makes for a delightful holiday, thanks to another monthly lineup of demon-hunting events. Protip: Do not throw beads to the demons while on spring break. It just doesn’t end well.

The events include:

  • Daily Hunt – With high support and heavy participation from the fans, the Daily Hunt event returns. Search high and low for a set of announced items in the most fiendish of places. Players who can get the items needed while fending off the most dangerous demons will be generously rewarded.
  • Level Rush – Can you level up faster than everyone else? In this one-of-a-kind event, players will be asked to create new characters and increase their level faster than their competitors. Madness will definitely ensue in this furious race to the level goal.
  • Weekend Extravaganza – Buying premium items is a great way to help you play the game easier. Now, Hellgate Global gives back to premium item shoppers by offering special bonus items to your purchases. Players who take advantage of this rare opportunity will find themselves breezing through the minions of Hell in no time.

You can read more in the full press release. Tonight we dine in hell! But the lines can be pretty long at this time of year, so we might get take-out in hell.

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