You Can Now “Hide” From Unwanted YoVille Visitors

Tue, Mar 2, 2010

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While your own time playing most of Zynga’s games is spent doing so individually, and only interacting with your friends through secondary means (Facebook notifications, gift requests and through visiting their establishments without their presence), YoVille has been unique in that users can directly interact with one another, by visiting each others’ homes and allowing you to see and communicate with the other person through in-app chatting.

This, up until now, has left users with a conundrum. Especially prevalent among users with lots of neighbors, the problem concerns the fact that individuals were always shown as “online” within the game. There was no way to set yourself as invisible, so if you wanted time away from your needy, chatty friends, you had to take the time to tell them so. No longer, says YoVille Lounge, as a new setting has popped up in users’ buddy lists that allows them to set themselves as “offline.”

This isn’t a permanent switch, so feel free to go from online to offline status (and back again) as often as you’d like, and enjoy decorating your rooms in peace!

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