You Can Now Harvest FarmVille Animals With a Single Click

Fri, Apr 23, 2010

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For those of us with massive herds of FarmVille livestock, it can take an awfully long time to go through the harvesting process, whether you harvest from your animals daily (where applicable), or wait until they are all ready to go at once. Actually, strike that – it “could” take a long time – no longer, as Zynga has tweaked the animal menu system (the small drop-down menu that was presented each time you clicked on an animal) to become inactive when an animal is ready to harvest.

Now, simply clicking on a “ready” animal will cause your avatar to harvest from them, or place them in the queue to be harvested from – no more of that “click on animal, wait for drop-down menu, select collect” business. It’s now a one-and-done clicking scenario for each and every animal.

It should be noted that if you’d like to rotate your animal, turn it from stationary to moving, or any other task that was normally presented in the drop-down menu, that you can still do those things to the animal – you just have to wait until it has been harvested, after which point the drop-down menu becomes active again.

Likewise, this change only affects animals outside of the animal storage buildings. If you’d like to collect from your dairy farm, chicken coop or horse stable, you’ll still have to click on the building and select “collect” from the drop-down menu that appears.

Regardless, this is a great time-saving tweak by Zynga – head over to your farm to see it in action.

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  • Kate Hancock

    This rocks my world! Thank you Zynga :)

  • Alexia Nielsen

    rocks my world too! I'd actually stopped harvesting my animals unless I had farmhands.

  • Kate Hancock

    Haha – Brandy said she didn't even notice the one-click ability at first
    because she'd been doing the same thing (farmhands only). I'd be in the same
    boat if I could find more in my friend feed instead of having to shell out 5
    Farm Cash a pop. I'd rather buy a snickers IRL ;)