You Can Now Grow White Grapes and Purple Poppies in FarmVille

Fri, Apr 23, 2010

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As the latest FarmVille podcast let on, users can now purchase White Grape and Purple Poppy seeds from the FarmVille marketplace. We’ve seen White Grapes before, as part of the California item theme, but the stats here have changed.

Speaking of the White Grapes, you can now plant them for 245 coins per square. After waiting for them to grow for 12 hours, you can harvest them for 360 coins per square. You’ll receive 2 experience points for each square of the grapes that you plant.

Meanwhile, the Purple Poppies have passed the Asparagus as being the last seed type available in the shop, but interestingly, they cost less than the White Grapes or even the aforementioned Asparagus to grow. You can plan a single seed of the flowers for 200 coins, and receive a single experience point for doing so. After growing for 8 hours, the poppies can be harvested for 238 coins per square.

As these are permanent crop additions to the store, you’ll be able to earn mastery on both of them, with the first star of White Grapes mastery being reached at 1200 harvests to the Purple Poppies’ 750.

Head over to the game page to start planting either of these two new seeds.

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