You Can Now Expand Your Dairy Farms in FarmVille

Wed, Jun 23, 2010

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The Dairy Farm has always been an interesting building in FarmVille. While it functions like other animal storage buildings, allowing you to store all of your cows and collect from them en masse everyday, you weren’t limited to how many you could have on your farm. That is, unlike the Chicken Coop, Horse Stable or Nursery Barn, which you can only own one of, many farmers have chosen to line entire sections of their farm with Dairy Farms, capitalizing on their profits from milking cows without taking up a lot of space.

You’ll be able to increase your profits even further now, as Zynga has released Dairy Farm expansions, which allow you to expand each and every Dairy Farm you own individually to hold more cows. That is, after going through the process of expanding a farm, you’ll only expand one individual farm, not all of them at once.

The process for expanding a Dairy Farm is quite simple. You’ll be able to access the menu by clicking on a Dairy Farm and clicking on “Expand Storage.” From there, you’ll see the menu item at the top left of this post. Hit “Expand” and you’ll be asked to post a news item to your wall asking ten friends to click on the link therein.

This is the same as the Chicken Coop expansion, in that you’ll only need to secure these ten clicks within three days in order to expand your barn – no ingredients necessary like in the Horse Stable expansion.

Each Dairy Farm can be expanded twice – the first expansion raises your total for each Farm to 30 cows, instead of 20. While cows may not be the most profitable animal in the game, being able to harvest from more cows while taking up the same amount of space basically equates to free coins in the game, and no one can argue with that.

Head over to the game’s page to start your own Dairy Farm expansions now!

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