XBLA Title Happy Wars Adopts Free-to-Play Model

Fri, Aug 24, 2012

Free-to-Play, XBLA

Consider first the simplicity and simultaneous complexity of the title of  TriplePoint client Toylogic’s upcoming multiplayer game Happy Wars. Reading the oxymoronic phrase tends to discombobulate one’s brain, like trying to make sense of an impossible concept such as the total national debt or why some people listen to Nickelback.

While you’re pondering that, let’s move on to the news that Toylogic’s new game Happy Wars is now adopting the free to play model. Published by Microsoft Studios, the new XBLA title is a multiplayer action combat game that allows you to jump into the shoes of a mini warrior and do battle in cell-shaded, cartoonish landscapes.

Matches are capped at 15 vs 15 players and there seems to be plenty of player customization options. You can equip a variety of weapons, armor and other items with which to—happily—defeat your enemies.

The ESRB’s T for Teen rating disclaimer before the trailer lists only two offenders: Blood and violence. If you watch the trailer, it’s rather hard to find blood. And the violence the game claims to have doesn’t look too traumatizing. Then again perhaps I’ve played far too many rated-M games.

XBLA gold members can download and play Happy Wars right now, but the wide release date is still undetermined.

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