Wyrmbyte and Zynga Have Dragons and Titans

Tue, Apr 2, 2013

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Facebook games have grown and evolved a long way beyond adding social features to match-three titles — in the last couple of years alone, we’ve seen fully 3D games like Robot Rising and Buddy Rush come to the platform thanks to tools like Unity. Of course, this has resulted in horrible things like robots that rise up against us, and having our buddies rushed by goblins, but at least our demise has looked very pretty and played very smoothly! I’m sure the next robust, high-quality Unity game on Facebook will be perfectly harmless. For example, TriplePoint client Wyrmbyte just announced that they’re working with Zynga on a Facebook MOBA game called Dragons and Titans, so –

Dragons? Oh, man, just — you guys can’t help but unleash terrible beasts on the world, can you? Dragons and titans. That’s all we need.

In all seriousness, though, this is kind of remarkable: a full-on “mid to hardcore MOBA game,” allowing real-time 5-on-5 matches complete with creeps and towers, and it all runs through Facebook. Not bad for a platform that built itself on cow clicking and jewel swapping! From the press release:

Dragons and Titans is launching as a mid to hardcore MOBA game, where groups of five players can battle against an enemy team of five opposing players. The game also supports co-op and single-player game modes. Gamers will have the option of picking one of 17 unique dragons to control, as well as from 16 different weapons, for a player-tailored experience during every game. As a match unfolds, players gain experience and access to a wide range of new skills and abilities. Over time, dragons and special weapons will also level-up as they are used more often, adding an important mastery element to the gameplay experience. When launched, Wyrmbyte plans to add new content and features on a weekly basis.

The game is scheduled to launch in late April. I hope you enjoy your remaining few days of not being on fire.

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