World of Warcraft Mount Selling at a Rate of $2.5 Million / Hour

Tue, Apr 20, 2010

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As reported by Industry Gamers, the newest premium item to be released in the marketplaces of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft is a Celestial Mount, that is available for purchase for… wait for it… $25.

Before you scoff and predict the item’s failure, know that the exact opposite is happening. The unofficial World of Warcraft blog has claimed that the purchasing queue for the steed hit at least 80,000 users deep, with the wait time breaching the seven hour mark. Do the math on this, and we’re looking at a new horse that is pulling in $2.5 million in revenue every hour.

Let us know in the comments – are you a World of Warcraft player that has purchased the steed? Will you in the future? Or, better yet, would you ever pay that much for a single item in a game? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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  • choffmann

    Yep, i'm a player, i bough it. Working 10 hours a day, having a family, wife, friends etc. i don't have time in game to get those fancy mounts that many people have. It's nice to have a good looking mount, even if it cost me 25 bucks.

  • youhot

    consider the fun that the game gives to me, it worth the money.
    to make the game more interesting i think the money spend
    on wow gold is aslo worth, and i often buy wow gold
    from WGT Online( wow-gold-team Online) it really worth.

  • awtanks

    When I saw them & the price I scoffed, it wasn't for me. But then I received it as a gift from my friend. Nicest sweetest gift ever I love it :)

  • Horde Leveling Guide

     That is pretty awesome. I wonder also who will be giving it to me as a gift. Its a bit expensive the price.