World of Warcraft Enters World of Facebook

Wed, Feb 3, 2010

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Hot on the heels of its announced iPhone app, Blizzard has unleashed another means of keeping players from ever leaving their computers for any reason. On the World of Warcraft website, the company has announced the opening of its WoW Facebook application, allowing players to link their accounts and characters with their Facebook profiles, in order to share in-game activities and achievements via the news feed.

The app can only be used by players who have a account with an active WoW license, but Blizzard is quick to remind us that we can always sign up for a free trial or buy the game online. From there, we’re just a few clicks away from sharing “automatic updates for your accomplishments, such as level gains, achievements, boss kills, and so on.” That way, when you’re not playing WoW, you can be reminded that you ought to be playing WoW.

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