Won’t Your Rescue FishVille’s Poor Mantaray?

Tue, May 18, 2010

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Late last evening, Zynga announced the release of a new lost animal in FishVille. The lost animal comes in the form of a Purple Mantaray, and the process for saving one is the same as all of the others.

You’ll come across a Purple Mantaray at random, receiving a pop-up alerting you to your discovery. As Zynga puts it on the game’s fan page, “this poor purple mantaray has managed to get himself stuck in a trap.” From there, you’ll be able to post your discovery to your wall as a news item that your friends can click, thus rescuing the mantaray for themselves, and easing your conscience that you’d done the right thing (you won’t abandon the poor animal, will you?).

As we’ve said before, finding lost animals in your tank doesn’t mean that you get to keep them, rather they enable one of your friends to do so. The only way that you, yourself get a mantaray is by finding a news posting that one of your FishVille neighbors has posted about their own discovery of the lost animal.

Head over to the game’s page on Facebook to see if you’re lucky enough to receive a lost mantaray pop-up.

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