Women Can Relive Their Youth With Emily’s Girl Talk

Mon, Mar 1, 2010

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Emily’s Girl Talk is an iPhone game targeted at young girls, or really, any woman with an nostalgic streak. The app contains four min-games, harkening back to the childish games of female youth, when girls were perfectly satisfied to giggle over to the result of a love test completed by counting the number of A’s or E’s in their crush’s name, as if that signified their future lifelong connection.

Inside Social Games recently took a look at the games within Emily’s Girl Talk, and found that one of the four games, a mini-game simply titled “Love,” is just that – a calculator that analyzes you and your crush’s names to determine your percentage chance of being soul mates.

Two other options, M.A.S.H. and Lemon, both rely on a sort of Mad Libs functionality, and ask you to give them names, colors, jobs, body parts or numbers (among other items), before they create amusing tales of honeymoons and fantastic weddings with your dream-man; tales of how your life will play out, and how successful you will ultimately become.

The fourth game, however, is the one that will probably strike a chord with most older individuals who take a look at the game. Cootie Catcher is a take on the folded paper fortune tellers that girls clamored for in elementary and middle school, played with at recess, or secretly hid under their desk when the teacher wasn’t looking. Pick a color and spell out the letters within its name; pick a number and count to it – the same thing applies here, but instead of having clever fortunes at the end, you’ll be able to answer yes and no questions.

In the case of M.A.S.H., the resulting love stories can be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter for everyone to see (so be sure to use fake names where appropriate). They are also saved in an in-game journal, allowing you to pull up the tales at a later date.

Emily’s Girl Talk is available for 99 cents, and will probably serve the needs of a pre-teen or early teenage girl who happens to have access to an iPhone. If you’re the parent of said girl who gets her hands on this, just don’t expect to receive your iPhone back anytime soon. Emily's Girl Talk - mash, lemon & more

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